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What is NFC Technology

What is NFC Technology

6 months ago

NFC technology, which unfortunately most users still know nothing about, or have not used. This is despite its extreme importance and being incredibly useful in addition to performing multiple functions. Which makes our transactions and payments, especially electronic ones, very convenient and easy.

Definition of NFC technology

What is meant by (NFC) is (Near Field Communication), and its literal translation means (near field communication) or communication via near field.

Therefore, it is an electronic chip that relies on electromagnetic fields and alternating currents to send data between different devices. Therefore, it is found among the phone manufacturing components, and it is located on the back cover of the phone. It works while this feature is running on the phone. Most modern mobile phones and many other smart devices are equipped with it.

And that; Due to its importance now and in the future. Provides a wireless communication method with another mobile device by simply touching them from behind in a radius of about 4 cm; So you don't need to search for the target device.

This short duration of operation of the NFC feature is an important security feature that makes it impossible for our phones to be tampered with. Because we will be very close to her.

Thus, the two smart devices will be able to share files and information safely, pass data of any size, and also perform many tasks at high speeds without the need for the Internet to connect them.

It is worth noting here that NFC technology is not limited to phones only, as some believe, but it has countless uses. The most important of them are (electronic access cards used to enter some places and hotel rooms, car key cards, bus and metro cards).

How the NFC feature works

NFC uses radio frequencies like RFID

RFID technology:

It is a very small closed circuit, and there is no battery or power source. It contains data and information stored electronically, most often unique numbers and symbols, and it can be read by bringing it close to an electromagnetic field, called a reader.

NFC is the opposite of Bluetooth; It therefore does not depend on manual pairing. Rather, this feature starts working automatically on its own as soon as any other device equipped with the NFC feature enters the operating range of your mobile phone.

It is specified in a circle with a radius of about 4 cm, and communication takes place automatically between the two devices immediately, and connection requests are sent to the owners of the two devices.

The functions of this wonderful feature then begin quickly to satisfy our desires without any effort from us. You can adjust this feature to whatever functions you want, which are not limited only to electronic payment, but extend beyond it to other roles.

Such as opening or closing applications, playing music, connecting to headphones, connecting to other smart devices or disconnecting from them, or turning your phone into silent mode as soon as you enter meetings, through NFC Tags.

What are NFC Tags, also known as smart tags?

Smart NFC Tags, which provide many shapes that suit many ideas and uses, in the form of (adhesive discs, medallion, cards, bracelets) and then these shapes contain inside them very small electronic chips or chips.

This is to store some data, information and tasks on it. Therefore, it can be executed at a later time when a device with the NFC feature approaches it.

What data can I hold inside an NFC Tag?

There is a lot of data that can be stored on NFC smart tags, due to the capacity of the memory space itself. The storage capacity varies depending on the type of NFC tag used. For example, the following can be stored:

  • Website or any URL.
  • Phone number or location on Google Maps.
  • Restaurants menu.
  • Add a specific task such as setting an alarm or putting the phone on silent.
  • A unique code used to enter venues, hotel rooms and car keys.

All of these tasks are done as soon as any phone with the NFC feature is brought close to the smart NFC Tags.

What phones are equipped with NFC?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the list of those devices that are equipped with the NFC feature expands and grows every day. Because this technology provides exciting and diverse opportunities for use in daily life. This expansion and spread applies to all phone devices, whether devices running Android or IOS.

Although Apple did something different from other smartphone manufacturers, which is to make NFC technology present in all iPhones and newer generations after the release of iPhone 5.


How to use the NFC feature in payments via smart devices

It has become common for us to make most of our payments through our mobile phones. This is to avoid the risks of carrying money and the difficulty of direct cash handling or transportation, especially in the case of large commercial transactions.

Simply put, you can install an e-wallet application on your phone and enter your credit card information.

Then you can pay by phone by bringing your NFC-enabled smartphone closer to the machine of the seller you want to buy from. Without having to enter card data every time.

This development could not have occurred except in close cooperation between the banking sector and those technologies and biometrics found in modern smart mobile phones, such as (FACE ID, TOUCH ID), which would achieve higher security rates than those found in credit cards.

This cooperation has allowed the emergence of modern forms of non-cash payment systems such as digital wallets.



History of development of NFC technology

The development of NFC technology began in 2002 at the hands of some of the giants of technology companies in the world, the most important of which are Sony, Philips, and Nokia.

The main goal of the emergence of NFC technology at that time was the electronic payment industry only. Smartphones are used to pay bills and all banking transactions safely and easily.

But with the passage of time and with progress, NFC technology was used for other purposes, namely exchanging files and information between phones. And also in wireless connectivity in smart devices, which is not limited to phones only. The user's identity is also verified when entering smart places and buildings.


What functions does NFC technology perform?

This technology is capable of performing multiple roles such as:

  • Using NFC technology, digital wallets such as (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay) can be created.
  • Using NFC technology, smart devices can be connected to headphones and speakers.
  • Using NFC technology, you can log in to your computer via your mobile phone.
  • Using NFC technology, your car door can be opened with one click on your mobile phone.
  • Using NFC technology, you can track your health data and fitness levels.


In the field of transportation, in some developed countries it is possible to pay the bus and subway ticket through the phone.

In some countries, such as Japan, an NFC chip can be implanted inside your body itself.


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