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Digital marketing solutions tailored to your brand specializes in digital marketing and branding . Experienced professionals in the field founded it in 2016. Despite being relatively new, Emcan has established itself as one of the most important companies in the Gulf region by creating over 500 active websites and developing more than 1000 active mobile applications for the Android and iPhone platforms. Emcan also manages social media accounts for small and large institutions and companies in the Arab Gulf region. In addition to these services, Emcan has developed unique products that provide solutions to businesses' everyday problems. Emcan's success can be attributed to its dedicated and ambitious team of young professionals who consistently strive to achieve growth, excellence, and success in the field of information technology. The company is committed to achieving its goals and aligns with the vision of our beloved kingdom's 2030 plan

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  • bahrain +973 34479384
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    Flat 41, Floor 4, Building 821, Road 833, Block 408, Sanabis, Bahrain

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    Flat 15, Floor 4, Building Tamem Alqahtani, Prince Fawaz St, North Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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