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Emcan NFC stickers

Emcan NFC stickers

5 months ago

NFC stickers, or Near Field Communication stickers, are tiny adhesive tags containing a smart chip that enables wireless communication between them and any device equipped with NFC technology, typically smartphones. These stickers operate at short distances, usually within a few centimeters, and offer a multitude of possibilities for data exchange and interaction.

Here are some examples of how NFC can be used to share social media accounts:

• Share numbers on business cards: An NFC sticker can be placed on your business card to share your social media accounts with customers.

• Share accounts on your products: An NFC sticker can be placed on your products to share your social media accounts with consumers.

• Share data on your website: An NFC sticker can be placed on your website to share your social media accounts with visitors.


Sharing websites via NFC sticker:-

NFC stickers can be used to share websites. This can be done by creating a link to your website and saving it on an NFC sticker. When someone scans the poster with their smartphone, your website will open.


Share contact information via NFC sticker:-

NFC stickers can be used to share contact information such as name, address, phone number, and email address. This can be done by creating a profile in vCard format and saving it on an NFC sticker. When someone scans the sticker with their smartphone, your contact information will be saved in their address book.

How is marketing and promotion done through NFC stickers provided by Emcan:-

NFC stickers are powerful marketing and promotional tools that can help you reach your customers in innovative and attractive ways. Here are some great ideas to use in your campaigns:

Promotions and coupons:

• Magic Touch: Instead of giving away lost paper coupons, use NFC stickers to hide promotions or exclusive coupons. When customers scan the label, the offer is revealed on their smartphone and they can easily use it for their next purchase.

• Instant interaction: No need to enter complex codes or print coupons, and with a simple touch, customers receive the offer directly on their phone, increasing the likelihood of using it and encouraging immediate purchase.

• Effective tracking: Some NFC labels have tracking features that let you know how many times they've been scanned and taken advantage of, so you can optimize your marketing campaigns based on usage and interaction data.

Smart loyalty programs:

• Fast and easy registration: Use NFC stickers to simplify the registration process for your loyalty programs. With one touch, customers can register and receive their first loyalty points instantly.

• Interactive incentives: Add interactive features to your loyalty program by linking NFC stickers with special rewards, such as additional promotions or surprise gifts when you touch the sticker.

• Collect valuable data: Take advantage of the data tracking capabilities of some NFC stickers to learn about loyalty program customers’ behaviors and preferences. This data can be used to provide better personalized offers and services, and enhance customer engagement in the program.

Exciting competitions and prizes:

• Quick Touch Entry: Add NFC stickers to advertising materials or physical stores to encourage participation in contests and prizes. All customers have to do is touch the sticker to register their details and enter the draw.

• Interactive Stories: Use NFC stickers to tell exciting stories about the competition or prize. When scanning the sticker, customers can watch promotional videos or read additional details about the prize, increasing their enthusiasm to participate.

• Winning Ads: Link NFC stickers to your social media campaigns to expand reach and increase engagement. Customers can scan the poster to follow you on social media platforms or share the contest with their friends, boosting your chances of reaching a wider audience.


Advantages of using NFC stickers:

• Low cost: NFC stickers are usually reasonably priced.

• Ease of use: It does not require any complicated software, just paste it and use it.

• Improving interaction: Allows direct digital interaction with the brand.

• Flexibility and diverse uses: It can be used for many different purposes.

• Data collection: Some stickers allow collecting valuable data about their usage and customer interaction


How is tracking and monitoring done via NFC stickers?

NFC stickers can be used to track and monitor people and objects in many ways. Here are some examples:

• Asset Tracking: NFC stickers can be placed on important assets, such as equipment or products, to track their location and condition. This can help prevent theft or damage, and ensure that assets are being used effectively.

• Access control: NFC stickers can be used to control access to sensitive areas, such as offices or facilities. This can help prevent unauthorized access, ensuring the safety of people and property.

• Marketing and Analytics: NFC stickers can be used to track customer behavior, such as site visits or purchases. This can help improve marketing campaigns and better understand customer needs.


This tracking data can be used in several ways. For example, they can be used to track the path of items through a supply chain, to determine who visits a particular website, or to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

It is important to note that using NFC stickers for tracking and monitoring can be controversial. Some people worry that this technology could be used to spy on individuals or violate their privacy.

However, NFC stickers can also be used to improve safety and efficiency. For example, they can be used to track missing children or elderly people, or to improve inventory management.

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